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Why Should You Choose a Tablet over a Smartphone?

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Do you want to buy an android tablet online? Before you search online, you should know tablets are better when compared to a smartphone. It’s true, and we will prove it with the following reasons. Read these reasons to help you make a well-informed decision.  

Better Functionality

Tablets don’t seem like much of a better deal than smartphones, but they offer a few improvements over them. The issue is these improvements are mostly overlooked. The tablet may not be as functional as a laptop or as portable as a smartphone, but they offer a unique combination between both of them.

You can’t do your office work on a smartphone, and you can’t make cellular calls on your laptop. But you can do both of these things on your tablet. purchase android tablet online with sim card slot and wireless keyboard, and you have an excellent combination of both laptop and smartphone.

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The Location

The biggest difference between smartphone and tablets is people prefer to use them in different places. Most of the times, tablets are kept at the home, or they are used when traveling such as going on long trips.

Smartphones are taken almost everywhere. They are used for doing general stuff like browsing the internet, chatting on social media, and other entertainment. Smartphones can do all of this, but they also make phone calls. 

The issue is most people believe these are different platforms. They are not. Smartphones are a necessity while a tablet is a luxury product or a productive device just like a computer or laptop. 


We don’t mean only battery life, but also shelf life. Tablets tend to last longer than most smartphones. It may sound silly, but it’s a fact. You should know this before you buy an android tablet online. Tablets have the same spec in more real space; this gives room for better cooling and heat dissipation as compared to smartphones.  

They tend to last 4-6 years where smartphones are made to last half this time. If you want to know which device gives you a better value for your money, it’s tablets. 

Better Performance

It may sound weird but tablets offer better performance, especially multitasking ability as compared to smartphones. The bigger screen helps improve the overall performance of the device. Tablets offer better performance. They can do all the stuff you do on smartphones, just in a better way. You can use tablets to do some real work like write articles, compose music, make video clips, and edit video and much more. 

Unfortunately, the truth is it doesn’t matter how sophisticated smartphones become; their screen size will always limit them. 

They are Hard to Get Misplaced

All jokes aside, this is a benefit you should consider when you buy  samsung android tablet online. Tablets are hard to get misplaced. Once again, this is due to their larger size than smartphones. These are not as bulky as laptops, which as compared to tablets are much harder to get stolen.

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