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Tips to increase your tablet’s Performance

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Why is it that your tablet keeps running out of battery every so often? This is an important question and you should find the answer to it before you look for what is the cheapest android tablet. It is important you understand these types of things or you will end up have a hard time working with your device 

Learn About the Device

It’s important you learn everything about your tablet. Before you look for what is the cheapest Android tablet, you should develop an understanding of how their components work. Once you know the strong and weak points of your device, you won’t overburden it with resource consuming apps. This will have adverse effects on your tablet’s performance. 

Update Android

If you didn’t update your android to the latest firmware, you need to do it. Google updates Android versions from time to time. Every version has several improvements over the last time. One of these improvements is better battery life.

what the best cheapest android tablet

Yes, while software and hardware are getting more powerful, they are also becoming energy efficient. It’s very evident when you compare today’s tablets with the ones that came out several years ago; there is a dramatic difference within the decade. We expect this change will continue and we will have far better device is the future. Be sure you update your android version.

Get Rid of Unwanted Apps

When you install a lot of apps, you are setting yourself for failure. The issue with burdening your device with a lot of apps is they keep running in the background even if you don’t use them. You are better off uninstalling them. Don’t install apps you don’t use regularly; they are just a burden on your device. They will affect its performance and slow it down. You are better off without these apps. Learn more about bloatware apps before you start searching what the best cheapest android tablet is.

If you don’t want to uninstall them, you can at least disable them so they stop consuming valuable resources of your system. If you don’t do this, the app will overload your system for no reason. Don’t hold your device back and stop these useless apps. 

You can re-enable them whenever you want. It will only take a second and it will save your device from overloading itself. 

Update Apps

Just like updating your Android version, you need to update your apps from time to time to make sure they are optimized for your device. Developers fix bugs and add new features. Updated apps are known to perform better and faster. They are less likely to crash your device as compared to an obsolete version of apps. Look out for updates, turn automatic updates off, and double check before you update anything.

Use a better Memory card. Most people search where to buy cheap memory card instead of what is the best android tablet. If this is the case with you, then you should find a tablet with a faster memory card as it will give you the much-needed performance boost.

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