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How to unroot your android device?

android device

Some people prefer Android tablets because they can root them to get maximum control on the device. Remember, rooting can void the warranty of your device. Moreover, repairs become a hassle. Rooting makes installation of over-the-air (OTA) updates difficult.

Fortunately, you can unroot your android devices with some simple steps. Things may become complicated with the devices of Samsung Galaxy. Make sure to choose the right tools to complete this process.

Manual Unrooting

Start your work with a root file manager on the device. Famous file managers are X-Plore File Manager, ES File Explorer and Root Browser.

  • Choose and press /system/bin/.
  • Select and delete “su” named files. Long press and hold on a file and choose “Delete” from a pop-up menu. You may not find “su” file in this section based on the process of rooting.
  • Now press/system/xbin/.
  • Delete the “su” file from this place as well.
  • Choose and press/system/app.
  • You have to delete a Superuser.apk file.

Now you have to reboot your device. After this method, your device must be unrooted. Feel free to verify if it is unrooted by running (after downloading) a Root Checker application from your Play Store. If you have a tablet or any other device, save your sensitive information in this device before starting any device

SuperSU App

Launch this app because you will be able to use this app in the absence of a custom recovery image. This app can be useful to unroot your device.

  • Click on the “Settings” tab.
  • Scroll down to a cleanup section.
  • Hit on “Full unroot”.
  • You have to read confirmation prompt and click tap “continue”.

Once SuperSU closes, you can reboot your device. For numerous devices, it can perform the unrooting process. A few custom firmware images can re-root automatically at the time of booting, and this entire process becomes ineffective. Make sure to transfer your data to your device because you can lose your data.

An unroot app can help you if this method fails. Remember, universal unroot app is available on the play store. You can use this app to unroot your Android devices. The cost of this app is almost $0.99. It will be a helpful app to unroot your device. Unfortunately, this app is not useful for Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy Devices

If you want to unroot your Samsung Galaxy devices, you have to download the stock firmware of this device. To unroot this device, make sure to get firmware of your carrier and device. A search engine will help you to search for Galaxy carrier and model along with stock firmware.

Unzip this firmware after completing the download and search the .tar .md5 file. This method can’t rest your KNOX counter that is a critical way to hide rooting or modification of Samsung devices.

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