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How to Browse Top Apps on Google Play Store (Without Games)?

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Remember, android devices are incomplete without the Google Play Store. This store is populated with hordes of apps and games. No doubt, you can see top apps on Google Play Store, but these results include games.

It is becoming difficult to search for trending apps without games. There is no secure method to omit games from search results and top charts unless you visit every category separately. Here are some ways that may help you to eliminate games from top charts

View Top Apps without Games

First, you have to install the Play Store app from Jaffrey Sera. It may help you to launch top apps of the Play Store without games. This App Only page is not accessible normally.

Launch play store to view apps in new play formats that exclude games from its top charts. Sometimes, you have to select the Play Store from with popup. Instead of puzzles, candy crush and the clash of clans, you will see non-game apps.

To get these games back, you can tap the back arrow on the top-left of the screen and directly open Play Store app. Moreover, force-close the Google Play Store from app switcher and open it again. 

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Find Apps by a Specific Developer

If you want new apps by a particular developer, you can use the search bar to save your time. In the search bar, you have to type pub:developer’s name. It will help you to find all the apps of your favorite developer. 

Make sure to replace “developer’s name” with the actual name of the developer. Remember, it is case-sensitive. Avoid adding space in-between “pub:” and name of the developer.

Exact Name of App

It is not easy to find an app in the Google Play Store. You may find numerous apps with the same name. If you are searching a generic app, such as “Call Confirm”, you may see results with both words “call or confirm”.

Make things easy by using quotation marks around your search term. Once you use quotation marks, the Play Store will give preferences to the exact term.

Browse Top Apps without Games

Games in the search results become the biggest annoyance. For this reason, you can use third-party tools to discover actual apps. These tools can decrease clutter from your play store. Visit this link  to browse top apps without games.

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