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How devise manager can help you resolve your windows 10 hardware issues?

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Device manager of windows is a crucial tool to troubleshoot different problems. It displays your hardware devices installed on your computer. Moreover, you can use to view hardware with problems, manage drivers of your computer and disable particular hardware.

Open the Device Manager

If you want to open device manager in windows, you have to press Key + R and type devmgmt.msc and hit enter. 

On Windows 8 or 10 tablet, right-click the bottom corner of the screen and choose “Device Manager”. For Windows 7, go to control panel and tap hardware & sound and select device manager under hardware & printers. 

View Installed Hardware

The device manager will display a default list of installed driver. You can sort these drivers by category and expand these categories to view available hardware on your computer. If you want to know the exact model of a video card, DVD card or hard drive, find this information quickly in device manager.


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Remember, some hardware devices may not appear in this lift. Feel free to view hardware by tapping view and choose “show hidden hardware”. It is an excellent way to display number play drivers and non-plug, such as low-level drivers in your system in windows. You can check third-party software for your drivers through a device manager. 

Windows may not display hidden devices; therefore, you have to activate options for hidden devices. Ghosted devices like USB devices are not connected to your computer, so you will not get them on this list. Windows XP, 7 or Vista requires you to launch the device manager in a special method:

Open a window for the command prompt and run these commands:

set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

start devmgmt.msc

To view hidden files, you have to activate hidden devices from the view menu. The feature of hidden files is not available in Windows 8. For this reason, it is not possible to see ghosted devices. 

With the device manager, it will be easy for you to identify specific devices that are not working correctly.

Detect Devices with Problems

To identify problematic devices, you can use device manager. In numerous cases, devices don’t work properly because of their drivers. Make sure to check for a yellow triangle with an exclamation point on the icon device. 

Right-click on the device, choose properties to view extra information about a problem. The problem could be conflict in the resources of a system, a driver issue, etc. If the problem is in the driver, you can install new drivers from the driver tab available in the properties. 

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