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An easy guide to clean your iOS Devices

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Nowadays, it is easy to buy cheap tablets within your budget. Unfortunately, you may find it challenging to keep them clean and efficient. Similar to other tablets, your iOS devices can collect dirt. In this situation, you can’t just use your sleeve to wipe a dirty screen. 

Without cleaning and taking care of your devices, it will be difficult to avoid the risk of damage. If you are worried about your slates, here is an easy guide to clean your iOS devices. 

Remove the Case

Before starting a cleaning job, you have to remove a case on your phone. Clean this case separately because it is more resistant to damages as compared to your iPad. It is cheap to replace, so don’t worry about it. Your  tablets require you to follow a special cleaning process.

For your case, follow the instructions from the manufacturer. If instructions are not available, use warm water and dislodge grime and dirt from your case. Pay close attention to mute toggle, 

openings, charging ports, camera lens opening, and volume rockers.

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Clean the iPad Screen

The screen is a sensitive part of the iPad so take extra caution. Make sure to clean it and to remove debris. Apple applies an oleo phobic coating to an iPhone screen. It can repel oil and grease from fingers. This coating is available on the back of the iPhone X, 8 Plus, and iPhone 8. 

To preserve this coating, you have to use water to clean the screen. Make sure to avoid glass cleaner, abrasive cleaners, alcohol, surface sprays, and other things. These substances may damage the coating on your  tablets.

Make sure to grab a lint-free, soft cloth and moist this cloth with tap water. Purchase these cloths from opticians or camera shops. You can use this cloth to clean camera lenses, glasses, and scratch-phone surfaces.

Cleaning must be performed in a similar direction. It will help you to push the dirt and grease off the screen. The old devices may have more fingerprints. Feel free to use a glass protector on the screen of tablets. You can replace the oleo phobic coating with a screen protector.

Clean Charging Port

If you are facing issues in the charging ports of  tablets, you can try cleaning debris. The port may have fluff, paper bits, pocket lint, or other debris. These things can disturb the contact between your phone and the charging pin. Instead of using compressed air, consider professional assistance for cleaning.

A SIM pin key may help you to clean the port. Put this pin in a hole and scrape out possible debris. Wipe off everything around the port and replicate this process to make everything clean.

Contacts of Lighting Cable

The state of lighting cable can make it difficult for your  tablets to recharge. Contacts may press the gunk and make its way to a charging port. As a result, the buildup can create problems in the future. 

Solve this issue by unplugging a charging cable to clean it. Use a damp cloth to wipe all the contacts and make them gleaming. It will be a sign of clean connections.

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