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How to fix the black screen problem in Windows 10?

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If you have black screen issues, you can fix them easily in Windows 10. While using Windows 10, you will face numerous issues. A black screen is one of the most annoying issues. You will not get any error code or message to troubleshoot this issue.

A black screen may appear for different reasons, such as driver updates, a problem in physical connection or graphics card. You have to ensure a secure connection between the video adapter and display. If you are experiencing this issue after the latest upgrade in the drivers of the graphics card, you can try different things to deal with this issue. Regardless of the reason you have to solve this problem. Here are some quick fixes for windows 10 black screen. 

Check Connection Issues

If you want to resolve this issue, make sure to check the physical connections of your device. Check connection problems between your computer and the display. Re-check all connections and ensure that signal cable is connected correctly. The monitor must receive power and use the perfect output. Sometimes, a website of the manufacturer can help you to solve this issue.

With different video outputs, you can switch the connections to another port and move the mouse. Press different keys on the keyboard to wake up your display. In numerous cases, an update may include some changes. 

For instance, your system starts sending a video signal to a wrong port, such as VGA, Thunderbolt, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. To manage your task, you will need an extra device. 

If you are working with a system that has an integrated graphics card, feel free to switch to an embedded video processor. In this way, you can confirm whether there is a problem with the discrete card. With an external monitor, it is possible to open on-board monitor settings. Feel free to increase the brightness because it can be a reason for the black screen.

In the settings menu, you can check if your monitor has the right input. Try to connect your monitor to a different computer or tablet to see if you are actually having an issue with a video card or broken display. 

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Detecting Display

In numerous cases, Windows 10 lose its connection with a display and show a black screen. Use the “Windows Key + Ctrl + Shift + B” keyboard shortcut. It restarts a video driver and refreshing all the connections with a monitor.


With a tablet, you can wake up the screen by hitting volume down and volume up buttons three times immediately. When performing this action, you will listen to beep and activity on display indicating a response from Windows 10 tablet. You can use Windows Key + P from your keyboard to check menu.

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