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How to get new gestures on Android 10?

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You can get android tablet in new devices. After getting this new operating system, you will be able to explore its new features and gestures. Here are some tips to learn how to get new gestures on android 10.

About Android 10

Android 10 is the latest operating system of Google with lots of improvements and new features. With its gesture control features, it is winning the hearts of tech lovers. This feature has replaced the old button design. With the use of gesture feature, you can easily navigate through menus and screens of android 10Several android users are using this feature. Here are some essential things to learn about this new feature.

Turn on Gesture Controls on Android 10

Some people need more time to understand the gesture control feature of android 10. Use of this feature can make things simple.

Click on Settings app of android 10.

Scroll down in menu option to reach “system”. Click on “System”.

Click on “Gesture” in the menu. 

Go down and click on “System Navigation” option.

You will see three options, the old button navigation at the bottom, and recent two-button navigation in the center and “Gesture Navigation”. This option is available on the top. Tap on an appropriate option, and you are good to go.

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Gesture Controls in Android 10

If you want to learn about gesture control, See necessary gesture controls on the screen of android 10.

  • Home: Swipe from the base of the screen and move to home screen. It works from different points in android 10.
  • Back: If you want to move back to a previous page, swipe either on the right or the left edge of the screen.
  • Multitasking Page: Android 10 allows you to check multitasking page. You can see recently evaluated apps by swiping up. Press down on a screen for a few moments.
  • Switching apps: You can switch from one app to previously used apps by swiping up and hold it. Now slide your finger to the right or left. It must allow you to switch between open apps quickly.
  • Google Assistant: If you don’t have a home button, evaluate Google Assistant with gesture controls of android phone. Feel free to swipe down to right or left corner of a screen.

App Menu in Android 10

If gesture-controlled is enabled in your phone, it is possible to evaluate the standard menu for apps. Make sure to swipe on the screen from a side with your two fingers to bring the menu up. It is useful for one-handed phone and holds down a corner of the left screen. You can access it by swiping on the menu.

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