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How to Move Data from Android to iOS Devices

IPad Tablet

Move Data From Android

In case you are making a crossover from an Android device to an iOS device, you may need to know how to transfer all the previous data to the newly bought device. You can achieve the data transfer via the Move to iOS app from Apple after the iOS device configuration and you need just a reliable Wi-Fi network connection for the data transfer. The app installed on the previously owned Android tablet will help you to transfer personal data to the iPad tablet or an iPhone once you establish the Wi-Fi network on both the devices.

Turn on the iOS device and continue the initial set up configurations until you reach the screen titled Apps & Data on your iPad; then tap on the Move Data from Android option. Now open the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for the Move to iOS app. When the search results on Play Store tap reveals on the device, tap on the Move to iOS app and tap on Install.

You could see the app set up pane showing it needs accesses to Device & App History, Identity, Calendar, Contacts, SMS, Photos/Media/Files, Wi-Fi Connection. Tap on Accept to grant permissions for the same, tap on Continue, and tap on Agree, followed by Next on both the Android and iOS devices. Enter the 12-digit passcode displayed on the iPad on your Android tablet. The Android device will synchronize with the iOS platform through the peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection and will prepare the to-be-transferred data once you enter the passcode.

The Move to iOS app will then prompt if you want to transfer the information on your previous Android device on the Transfer Data screen. You can select from Bookmarks, Contacts, Camera Roll, and Messages so that Move to iOS app can transfer the same to the iOS device you are configuring.

Note that the Move to iOS app will take some time to transfer so do not switch to other applications or shut down the Android device until the transfer completes. Upon completion, your Android device will transfer the selected data to the iPad tablet and will place the data into the respective iOS apps. Tap on Continue Setting up iPad on the iPad when the transfer completes, then enter your Apple ID, and log in to the Apple account to finish the move to iOS.

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