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5 Best Productivity Apps to Use on Android Tablets

One of the best ways to use your tablet apart from mere entertainment is for productivity. Tablets have quickly become a viable alternative to using laptops due to their compact design and powerful processing. You can use your tablet for a range of productivity uses like creating content, editing photos, organizing your daily schedule, managing emails, etc. Most of the inexpensive tablets available support many accessories such as a keyboard that can help you type faster and easier.

Carrying out this productivity needs certain apps that offer this feature. The Play Store has hundreds of such productivity apps that you can download for free on your tablet. Using these apps, you can create documents as well as organize, manage, share, and edit them easily. Below is a list of the five best productivity apps that you should install on your Android tablet.


Evernote is an all in one suite and currently the best productivity app that you can install on your tablet. One of the reasons it is so popular among digital content creators is due to its notable features like cross-platform support, device syncing, offline support, and creation of any type of note such as voice, text, video list, and image. Moreover, Evernote also allows you to collaborate and share your notes with others.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an important productivity app that you need to install if you wish to use your tablet for creating and sharing contents on a large scale. Google Drive is a cloud storage option that allows you to securely store all your files in its 15 GB free storage. The suite of Google Drive apps like Keep, Docs, Slides, and Sheets allow you to create a variety of contents like spreadsheets, presentations and text easily.


For using your tablet for a range of productivity uses, you may need to be in constant communication with your peers at work or business. Slack is one of the best business chat apps that you can install on your tablet. It has numerous features like text and voice chat support and easy integration with other productivity apps like Google Drive. The innovatively designed interface of Slack makes it easier to use for your communication purposes.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft Apps is another incredibly useful and efficient productivity app that you can download on your tablet. This suite includes almost all the applications provided in desktop versions like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Cortana, Outlook, etc. These apps allow you to create and share content more quickly amongst a variety of devices. By using Microsoft apps, you can easily integrate your tablet with a Windows PC or laptop.

Newton Mail

If you wish to organize and manage all your email accounts effectively, then Newton Mail is the app that you should go for. It provides support for many different email providers that allow you to manage their messages better. Besides, Newton Mail also supports numerous plugins and is much easier to use due to its simple interface.

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