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How to Change the Address Bar Layout on Google Chrome for Android

Many of the Android tablets have massive screen size, an advantage that comes in handy especially when surfing the web on browsers like Google Chrome. Until now, the Chrome browser’s address bar remained stationery at the top. Yet recently, Google came up with a new change in Chrome Browser for Android, which allows you to change the address bar position to the bottom of the browser.

To apply the change efficiently in the layout of Google Chrome, you need to install the Beta or Developer version of the browser via Google Play Store. Once you install the latest version on your Android tablet, open the Google Chrome app, type chrome://flags in the address bar, and tap enter on the virtual keyboard.

You can now see a new page on Chrome containing several options, including the option to change the address bar position. Tap on the three vertical dots on the browser’s right hand corner, select Find in Page option, and search for Chrome Home. Scrolling down the long list may be tough to do even on the best low cost tablet having big screen, but this helps to find Chrome Home quickly.

The option to change the address bar position is configured to Default on Google Chrome, but you can tap and choose Enabled instead to change the layout. Then a dialog box would appear below the screen prompting you to Relaunch Now – wait before you confirm the same. Tap on Modern Layout for Chrome Home; the option would also be set to Default so tap and choose Enabled as before. Now, tap Relaunch Now upon prompt and you are good to go.

When Google Chrome opens up on your Android tablet, you may notice the change you made in the browser’s layout instantly. Note that when you tap the address bar from below, it jumps position to above momentarily and thereby lets you enter the website URL easily. However, this slight change to the address bar makes it much simpler to browse on the default browser of Android when on the go.

When it comes to disabling the Modern Layout for Chrome Home, follow the same steps in reverse if you need the standard layout instead. As said, it is a small change, but as you can have massive screen size on the best low cost tablet models, you can navigate easily on Google Chrome as you wish.

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