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How to Configure Mobile Hotspot and Android Beam on an Android Tablet

If you have an Android tablet having 4G compatibility you can use the device to route cellular data to other Wi-Fi compatible devices over mobile hotspot in high speed. To enable the connectivity in the tablet, navigate to Settings > More > Tethering & Mobile Hotspot and turn on the toggle of Mobile Hotspot. Alternatively, you can simply pull down the notification bar, swipe from right to left and select the Hotspot icon. If you long-press the icon instead, you can access Tethering & Mobile Hotspot directly from the notification bar.

In the menu, choose Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot to assign a Network Name, Security, and an alphanumeric Password to safeguard the network. In fact, you need to change Security from None to WPA2 PSK to configure the 8-character long Password containing alphabets and numbers. Once you are done, tap on Save to apply the changes.

In an open room, the range of mobile Hotspot is 20 to 30 feet on an approximate. In fact, many of the Android tablets support 4G, and laptops have Wi-Fi, so you can route Wi-Fi Hotspot to compatible devices nearby. Moreover, as Hotspot remains active, you are going to need a lot of battery power, so put the tablet into a power source to ensure the Wi-Fi stays on until you turn it off. Note that if you cannot enable mobile hotspot in the tablet, the feature maybe unavailable in the device or you perhaps are yet to subscribe a 4G plan.

In addition, there is Android Beam on Tethering & Mobile Hotspot menu that lets you tap and share app contents to an NFC compatible device. To enable Android Beam in your tablet, you need to turn on the toggle for NFC first. Then, you can beam opened web pages in Chrome, YouTube videos, Contacts, and the like by tapping both NFC-compatible devices together. Note that you should configure NFC and Android Beam in both the devices for Near Field Communication antennas to trigger and keep the devices unlocked.

Android Beam lets you transfer data over Bluetooth connectivity only. Near Field Communication is used to establish a temporary Bluetooth connection between two NFC compatible devices. However, Android Beam features on select Android devices featuring NFC and Android ICS version or later.

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