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How to Use the Do Not Disturb Mode on an iPad Tablet

While the notification center on iOS devices ensures that we do not miss any important notifications, there are times when we wish to skip the alerts and the beeping sound. With the Do Not Disturb mode on iOS, we can keep getting notified each time a notification pops up on an iPad tablet, but quietly. Whether you are in a chat or enjoying a nap, the DND mode would ensure that you can continue with doing whatever you are up with, and find the notification conveniently on the iOS device. That is why people want to know how to configure Do Not Disturb mode on an iPad tablet for utmost convenience.

To enable the feature, slide up from the bottom of the home screen to reveal the Control Center and tap on the Do Not Disturb icon denoted by a crescent moon. Note that if you have configured an alarm in the Clock app, the respective alarm goes off automatically if you enable the DND mode on your iPad tablet.

To schedule the feature to activate as per custom timings, open the Settings app and tap on the Do Not Disturb icon. Then, tap on the toggle switch for Scheduled to its On position and tap the blue times just below the switch. Then, slide up or down on the iPad to choose the From and To timings when you need the Do Not Disturb mode to turn on.

If you are wondering whether the feature would make you miss important calls or other alerts, you can customize the exceptions for Do Not Disturb as well. For that, open the Settings app once again, tap Do Not Disturb, and then tap on Allow Calls From. Then, you can choose:

  • Everyone to receive calls from everyone;
  • No One to receive calls from no one;
  • Favorites to receive calls from the contacts in the Favorites List; or
  • Specific Group stored on the iPad or iCloud.

Tap on the Repeated Calls toggle to enable pushing an incoming call if someone calls you twice within 3 minutes, and silence the second call. For that, tap on Silence option and you can choose Always to receive and alerts when the iPad is silent or Only While iPad is Locked.

Apple has added the capability to customize all the alerts while driving. For that, navigate to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and tap on Do Not Disturb While Driving. Slide up from the bottom screen of the iPad tablet and then you can tap on the car toggle to enable the feature or disable accordingly as per the drives you take.

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