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Tips to Cure Battery Drain Issues of your Android Tablet

Inexpensive Tablets

Battery Drain Issues

Whether you are using a Motorola, Google, Samsung, LG, HTC tablets or any other inexpensive tablets, you might not be satisfied with the battery life of the device and feel that the battery is draining too fast. Many users complain about the battery of their tablet draining too quickly. We use our tablets to watch movies, listen to music, play games, surf the internet, and for many other things. We install many apps in the tablet for this and many of them can drain the battery. Regardless of what the reason behind the battery drain issue is, the tips shared below would help you to control the battery consumption of your Android tablet.

Change Display Settings

Most of the modern Android tablets come with Auto Brightness settings, which can set the brightness of the display as per the lighting conditions. It is a wise idea to manually set the brightness to a low level as it can help decrease battery drain. In addition, changing the screen time out interval can also help you save little battery.

Screen timeout is the amount of time that the display stays on, when the tablet is idle. If you do not want the display to stay on when the device is idle, you can change the interval to ten seconds or something like that to save the battery power.

Power Saving Mode

All Android tablets are equipped with a Power Saver mode, which when enabled, removes animations, turn off location services and background synchronizing, and decreases the display brightness. This will help get some extra juice out of the battery of the device. Usually, the power saving mode will get activated when the battery of the device reaches fifteen percent. There is also option to enable the mode manually from the Settings menu before the battery becomes low for the mode to be enabled automatically. Some of the devices might also feature the Ultra Power Saving mode, which can also prove to be a lifesaver.

Turn Off Mobile Data

If your tablet supports making calls and accessing internet via a SIM card, you can turn off the mobile data when not needed. You can disable the mobile data completely when you are travelling in areas where the coverage is very low. This can help you save much battery, as when the coverage is worse, the battery will drain fast. This is because the antenna of the tablet will have to work harder to maintain a signal.

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