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Why you Should Check out the New “Can’t Talk” Android App

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Can’t Talk Android App

Most of the newly launched Android smartphones and tablets have a feature that delivers automatic reply messages when users miss a call. When WhatsApp introduced the calling feature, several users thought that the designers would also be adding a feature to deliver automatic replies when they miss a call or message.

However, WhatsApp failed to bring such a feature to their app, but a new handy Android application called “Can’t Talk” is doing that for Android tablet users. The “Can’t Talk” app sends automatic replies to your WhatsApp contacts when you miss a call. All you need to do is set up a personal custom message, choose the applications in which you want to use this feature, and then turn on the auto-reply feature.

When your friends or family members ping you on any of the chosen apps, an automatic reply will be sent to them via text. In addition to that, this handy app will also give you a silent notification to inform you that the job has been taken care off.

Even though the developers of this app claim that it works on other chat apps such as Slack and Telegram, several Android tablet users stated that the app failed to work on other messaging applications. However, when it comes to WhatsApp, this app offers a superior performance.

One of the major highlighting features of the “Can’t Talk” Android application is that it works even on the group chats in WhatsApp. You will be able to specify how long the app must wait before it generates auto-replies to the sender. The app designers have set this to 15 minutes by default but you can change it as you wish.

If you are an Android tablet or smartphone user, who use WhatsApp on a daily basis, then the new “Can’t Talk” app for Android devices will certainly come in handy. The manufacturers of this app are currently offering a two-week trial to users. Once this offer expires, you will have to pay $1.30 and subscribe this app for a year.

If you feel that “Can’t Talk” is a handy app and if you are using it on a regular basis, then it best to go for the $2.30 lifetime subscription plan. It is significant to note that this app requires a little bit of work before it can be deemed perfect. So, think it thoroughly before purchasing the app.

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