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How to Configure Amazon Kindle Fire for Guest Users and Children

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Configure Amazon Kindle Fire

To enable guest profile on Kindle Paperwhite for a kid means to call attention to parent controls. For that, you need to navigate to Menu > Settings > Device Options > Parental Controls and tap on Restrictions to enable parental controls on the Kindle Paperwhite.

There is also an option to activate the guest profile for kids known as the Kindle FreeTime. Go to the home screen of Kindle Paperwhite and then tap on Menu > Kindle FreeTime to enable the guest profile.

In fact, Amazon Kindle Fire will let you configure the device for guest users of any age and children just like the older generation Amazon e-reader. If you are a parent to have given a Kindle Fire ft. Fire OS to your kids and have noticed them accessing unwanted content frequently, you may need to enable parental controls via Kindle FreeTime or via Settings.

On the Kindle Fire HDX and on second generation Kindle Fire HD, you can activate Kindle FreeTime to set parental controls for guest users or children. However, the app is not available on all generation Kindle Fire tablets.

If you don’t have the app, pull down from the top of the screen to access notifications panel of Fire OS and then navigate to Quick Settings > Settings > Parental Controls to activate parental controls. Alternatively, you can navigate to Menu and then scroll down and choose Settings to enable the Parental Controls.

From Parental Controls, you can set the password on Kindle Fire. A lock icon will appear to the top of the screen once you turn on parental controls with a unique password, and some features cannot be accessed by kids including, not exclusive of the below ones.

  • Location-based services, email, contacts, and calendar apps
  • Camera app and wireless connectivity

Activating Kindle FreeTime profile will limit kids from accessing the Kindle Store, internet browser, and Wikipedia. However, the profile will let children read e-books from the library of the Kindle Paperwhite.

Once you activate parental controls with a password, you can prevent kids from purchasing something from your Amazon account through Kindle Fire. All said and done, playing games enabling parental controls on refurbished tablets or Kindle Fire won’t prevent children from playing inbuilt games.

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