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How to Configure Google Chromecast Ultra on Refurbished Tablets

Refurbished Tablets

Configure Google Chromecast Ultra

Google Chromecast Ultra is an affordable streaming device, which you can use on any Android refurbished tablets to binge-watch popular videos on content-driven platforms. Note if you are planning to use Google Chromecast with a PC you need not download Google Home app. A common Wi-Fi connection set up on both the Google Home app and the compatible PC is enough to binge-watch videos via Google Chromecast.

Firstly, to stream videos on Android tablets, you need to install the Google Chromecast Ultra to a compatible device. Insert Google Chromecast’s USB port into your Computer’s HDMI port and the adapter into the power outlet for that. Remember, you can stream 4K Videos via Google Chromecast Ultra, but that device will consume more power.

Secondly, download and install the Google Home application through Google Play Store on your refurbished tablets. Latest version of Android tablets will have the Google Home app installed by default – download the app if not installed. When done, launch the Google Home app and subsequently select the device from the list of compatible devices from the upper right hand corner of the Google Home app once the wireless connection gets established.

Once you turn on Wi-Fi router, you may get a notification on the bottom of your tablet’s screen as well to set up a new device. Choose accordingly, and then tap on Continue. Now wait until the Google Home app configures the Google Chromecast Ultra. Don’t close the app just yet.

Check the password on your compatible device and see to it that password matches with the password on Google Home app. If they match, tap on Yes. On the subsequent Chromecast Set Up screen, you can add a name to the Wi-Fi network and tweak piracy and guest options. To watch any content on your refurbished tablets, tap on the Cast button showing up on compatible apps.

If you are using Apple device to stream videos via Chromecast, simply launch Google Home app and let the app tell guide you. Choose Learn How to Cast, and follow the instructions to find out how to configure the Google Chromecast Ultra on refurbished tablets ft. iOS.

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