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What to Do If Your Computer Does Not Start?

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If your computer is not turning on, you have to repair it, but your urgent tasks will be affected. An extra tablet will serve as a backup to complete your tasks.

A computer may not turn on for different reasons, such as hardware or software issues. By evaluating symptoms, you can detect the actual problem to your computer. Here are some things to do if your PC is not starting.

Files Are OK

Numerous people panic because their computer is not starting. There is no need to worry because your precious data is available on the computer. Failure of hardware can increase troubles in your life, but it will not affect your hard drive. 

It is possible to get data by installing your hard drive on another computer. Remember, your documents, videos, emails and music files are safe.

No Sign of Power in Computer

If your computer is not turning on and showing zero signs of receiving power, you have to scrutinize it. You must check if there are a sign of lights on a tablet or laptop or lights on the front of the computer. Remember, your monitor will be safe if it is normally starting.

When you turn on your computer, it will power back off. In this situation, you will hear the sound of the fan in your computer. Some lights will flash and then stop. If you do not see the screen or hear beeps from the computer, you have to check all cable connections. 

 This situation can be difficult to troubleshoot. For this reason, you have to contact a computer technician. They can examine your computer to find its actual issue.

avoid computer

Computer Consistently Reboots and Stop Working

If your computer reboots, freezes or stops, again and again, you have to troubleshoot its cause. These errors may occur consistently; therefore, disconnect your storage devices and remove discs in optical drives. It will delete the data your computer is using to boot again and again. 

You have to clear the memory of BIOS on the motherboard. It is an excellent way to reset settings of BIOS to factory default levels. Any misconfiguration in BIOS can be the main reason of computer locking up during a post. 

Reseat Hardware Inside

Sometimes, recent transportation can make internal components of your computer loose. For this reason, you have to reseat internal components. If you can open your computer, remove its side panel and check internal components. 

They must be in their respective sockets. Check motherboard cables, CPU heatsink, motherboard cables and a graphics card. If this is the reason, then your PC will start working again.

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