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An Overview of Google Assistant

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Google Assistant Overview

Google Assistant is the voice assistant from Google that is available on many newer Android tablets. You may use Google Assistant to open apps, ask various questions, schedule tasks, and make plans. If you are finding it difficult to figure out how to use the voice assistant on the Android tablet that you have rented from a tablet rentals store, this guide will help you.

Launching Google Assistant

The first thing to do is to activate and set up the program. You can start by unlocking the tablet and long pressing on the Home button. You will see a window that says, “Meet your personal Google Assistant.” If the assistant is already setup on the device, you will be taken directly to the menu of the program. You will need to select the Continue button when setting up for the first time. You will now be taken through a voice configuration process and you will have to say OK Google a few times. The virtual assistant will now be active.

You need to understand the assistant is unique to a Google account. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you are using your own account before going ahead. You will be able to change the accounts by long pressing on the Home button and choosing Settings and then Accounts from the menu that appears.

Asking Questions

Now you have activated the assistant, it is time to try some voice commands. The assistant make use of message screen to display texts and links, and sound to provide answers loud. The assistant can offer you a few ideas on what to try, and if you already have some experience using voice assistants, you will have some idea what to ask.

You may ask basic questions like what is the weather today, what is the latest sports news, and so on. The assistant is very good at follow up questions and contexts. For instance, you may ask, “Who sang Born in the USA” and then follow up with “What year it was released”. Google Assistant will understand that you are still referring to “Born in the USA”. You may also talk casually as the assistant does not need the wordings to be precise.

With the general questions, Google Assistant is fun, but it gets much useful when you use it to connect the services and apps on the Android tablet. The program can integrate with many services to let you accomplish tasks like setting a reminder, displaying images and emails, connecting home devices, and more with voice commands.

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