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Apple Releases AR Applications for iPad and iPhone Users

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AR Applications For IOS

The new augmented reality platform of Apple is almost ready to take off and it seems that the recent release of an updated mobile operating system was actually a part of their new move. In addition to that, Apple has already launched a set of AR apps for their iPad and iPhone users.

If you are an iPad or iPhone user, then you will be able to see plenty of the first generation AR applications on the App Store. These apps allow you to view computer-generated three-dimensional graphics on top of the real-world view. The new platform of Apple (ARKit), when combined with machine learning, will offer real-time useful information to iPad and iPhone users with ease.

Several expert gadget reviewers and developers believe that AR on tablets and smartphones might revolutionize mobile computing and assist Apple to stay far ahead of their competitors. However, Google also recently introduced an AR development platform, called as ARCore. This announcement from Google came right after Apple stated that they are planning to bring AR apps to the Android marketplace shortly.

A senior analyst, Brian Blau said, “This is the start of a great platform. I think there’s a lot to ARKit that app developers are going to use which will impact entertainment, social media, and enterprise. It’s going to help people learn as well.”

Most of the ARKit apps available in the App Store work swiftly and smoothly. iPad users who are using a device with higher screen size will have a better experience when they are using the apps, as they will be easily able to zoom in or even move the 3D model.

One of the best ways through which you can experiment with the augmented reality on your iPad is to play games on the device. Apple has already launched plenty of excellent and engaging ARKit games for iPad and iPhone users. Some of the most popular games iPad users must try are Stack AR and Warhammer 40000: Freeblade.

The co-founder of Magic Sudoku, Brad Dwyer said, “Too many AR apps don’t have a compelling reason to use the technology. My idea was to combine computer vision with augmented reality to create a simple, streamlined UI that wouldn’t be possible without it. By using computer vision plus augmented reality we transform the world rather than ‘adding’ to it as so many current-generation AR apps do.”

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