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Updating the Operating System of your Android Tablet

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Updating Android OS

If you are planning to update the operating system of your Android tablet, you need to understand a few things before taking the big leap. There are different ways for you to access the OS updates and you will need to prepare the tablet before starting the download.

If you are using much older versions of the Android operating system, you will need to jump through a few hoops. The tips shared below by businesses that offer Android tablet rentals can help you finish updating the operating system of your tablet without facing any issues.

Check the Version

The first thing to do is to check the version of the Android OS installed in your tablet. This is available in Settings, under the About Phone section. You will also be able to find out the model number and other details of the device in this area. You can also check for the updates available for the tablet from settings.

Back Up

Before proceeding with the update, it is crucial to backup the data in the tablet. You can make use of the many backup apps available in Play Store to create a backup of all the media and personal files stored in the tablet. This will help you with restoring the data in the tablet if something goes wrong while updating the device.

Check Available Space

While backing up the available space in the tablet, check to find the space available in the device. If you find that there is not enough space to install the update, you might need to uninstall some of the apps and delete some media files to make room for the new update. It is always good to make more space than required; else, the tablet might become slow after the update.

Root if Necessary

If you wish to install the latest version of the Android OS, you may need to root the device, as the latest version might not be available for your tablet model. Rooting the device will help you to have access to all the updates, which is just one of the benefits of rooting. Rooting the device can also have access to many features that are not available to the non-rooted version of the tablet.

Another benefit of rooting is having more control on the device to boot. However, make sure that you root the device only if you are confident with the process, else the device can be bricked and you won’t be able to use it again.

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