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5 solid reasons to choose tablets over laptops

best 8 inch tablets

The best 8-inch tablets are more comfortable to work than typical laptops. The screen size of these tablets provides you with the experience of using a laptop, but with comfort as these 8-inch tablets are more lightweight and easier to handle.

Here are the reasons why we choose tablets over laptops.

1- Cheap in price

The new range of the best 8-inch tablets by good companies is cheaper than laptops, and nowadays everyone is fighting between managing their professional life and personal life financially. Buying a compatible tablet, which is cheaper than a laptop with same working credibility, is a good option.

2- Great for movies and music

This is next generation life, and with productivity, entertainment is also important for the users, and 8-inch tablets are more entertainment friendly with high-resolution screens and offer more options of playing music and movies. You can keep yourself entertained on the go or after a high-profile meeting.

top 8-inch tablets

3 – Tablets don’t crash:

The many people complain about their system crashing. That’s mean the laptop is stuck and not performing any function at that time, and now it needs to be fixed by a professional. On the other hand, tablets are free from these hurdles as they don’t get crash and work more efficiently than a laptop. Many users have lost their important data when their laptops crashed, but in modern tablets, your data is now safe in cloud space, which is one more plus to using tablets over laptops. The use of the top 8-inch tablets is great.

4- Tablets are great for meeting

The best 8-inch tablets will just give you more options with your meeting productivity than a laptop. If you are going to use a laptop for the meeting purpose, you will have to carry your charger with you in case your laptop runs out of battery. You will also have to power it on which also takes some time. On the other hand, a tablet will ease your work. Its battery life is more than a laptop, and it takes hardly any time to power on in fact it will start working in about a second.

5- Good to share photos and one-on-one presentation

The 8-inch tablets are great for sharing your photos with any other device. An 8-inch screen will also help you see your photos clearly and save the best ones. If you are using a laptop and you have to transfer your photos from your laptop to any other device, we are sure it will be boring and take far too much time. You have to plug in an extension, like USB drive, open the folder, copy it, and then take USB drive to any other device you want to use. With the use of tablets, you can just do this with a couple of taps on your screen.


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