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How to Configure iCloud on your iPad

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Configure iCloud In IPad

iCloud is the cloud storage service provided by Apple that is available to users of all iOS devices. It offers safe and secure storage of the device backup and other personal data such as photos and videos. When you sign up for iCloud from your iOS device such as the iPad, you are offered with 5 GB of free storage space. More storage spaces are available in iCloud by upgrading to separate paid schemes.

Setting up iCloud is the best way to get more from your device newly bought from tablets wholesale or retail stores. You can set up the iCloud on your iPad at any time, but it is recommended to configure it right after buying a new device. Below is how to configure iCloud on your iPad.

Updating your iPad

The first step in configuring iCloud is to verify whether your iPad is running using the latest iOS version. This is because the functionality and performance of the device is greatly enhanced in the latest versions. Moreover, this will remove any of the bugs as well as make your iPad more efficient.

For verifying the iOS version, go to, Settings > General > Software Update. If any newer iOS versions is displayed, you can install it right away by carefully following the onscreen instructions.

Enabling iCloud

After installing your iPad with the latest version, you may now turn on iCloud on your device. This is easier when first switching on the device, as the setup assistant will guide you clearly in enabling iCloud. For manually turning on iCloud, go to, Settings and then select the iCloud option. This will require you to enter your Apple ID.

Free iCloud Email Account

You can obtain your free iCloud email account after you have turned on iCloud on your device. The iCloud email account enables you to access your email at For this, you need to turn on the Mail option in the settings of iCloud. Clearly, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup of your iCloud email account.

Setting up iCloud on Other iOS Devices

The iCloud storage option is available on all iOS devices. If you have any other products of apple such as Mac or iPhone, you can also configure iCloud on those devices. This will provide the full range of benefits offered by iCloud to you. Furthermore, any of the changes done using any device signed into iCloud will be updated automatically in all your iOS devices.

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