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How to Print From your Android Tablet Using Google Cloud Print

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The flexibility offered by your Android tablet allows you to accomplish almost anything related to your productivity needs. Printing is one such feature that is mostly required for any kind of official or business uses. When choosing a device from any reputable table rentals, you might be looking for all such features.

All tablet models running on Android operating systems come with a set of features that allows you to print documents and other files stored on your device. The Google Cloud Print is one such useful feature included in most tablets, which allows you to wirelessly print documents from your tablet. Yet for this, the printers must also support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

If you have a printer model capable of offering wireless support, you can register them easily for Google Cloud Print. This will allow you to print from anywhere provided that you are connected to the internet. Below is how to print from your Android tablet using Google Cloud Print.

Adding Printers into Cloud Print

The first step to make your tablet ready for printing is by adding the supported printers into the Cloud Print. For this, open Google Chrome in a desktop PC and log in to your account. Then go to the Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings. Under the Google Cloud Print section, click on the Manage option, and select Add Printers, which will list out all the available printers supported by Google.

Select your printer from the list and click on the Add Printers button. This will identify and your printer and adds it to the Google Cloud Print service.

Using Cloud Print

You must have the Google Cloud Print app installed in your tablet to carry out the printing. You can download it freely from the Google Play Store in case of your tablet does not have a preinstalled version. In addition, make sure that the Google account used to sign up for your tablet is the same as that used for the desktop versions of Google Chrome.

To begin printing from Cloud Print, first open a document that you want to print. This can include any of the files saved in your tablets such as images or PDF files or those saved in Google Drive. Select the Menu button and tap on the Print option. This will open another page; tap on the arrow located near the Save as PDF option.

Choose your printer from the available devices. You can also list out every of the printer that you have connected by tapping on the All Printers option. Tap on the Print button at the right, which appears as a blue circle with a printer icon to start printing.

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