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Latest WhatsApp Update to Offer Group Voice Calls

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Group Voice Calls Feature

Users of Android tablets will now be able to make group voice calls from the WhatsApp app. They have confirmed the feature in their latest beta version of Android operating system. The new feature will offer the one billion plus users of WhatsApp more power to connect.

“The 2.17.70 iOS update has very hidden references to group calls! Before it was an internal news, now it’s all confirmed. There are a lot of hidden references about group voice calls, but there is only one reference about group video calls. So group video calls are partially confirmed at the moment,” tweeted a technology news website.

The group voice calls feature will be beneficial to many businesses as they will now be able to conduct conference calls without paying any call charges. It was reported that WhatsApp is trying to introduce group voice calls. The owner of WhatsApp, Facebook, already offers a similar feature on Messenger.

“WhatsApp 2.17.70 sends a request to the server to ask if the user you are calling is in another group call!” the tweet reads. “Note that these references we found are very strong (but they aren’t visible for you at present) and they have allowed us to understand what WhatsApp is going to add in the application, as we did for WhatsApp for iPad.”

The latest beta version of WhatsApp offers many updates like smaller app size and feature to notify friends when the user changes number. People in your WhatsApp contacts will receive notifications when you change the phone number used in the WhatsApp account and the feature will work every time you change your number.

They have also announced advanced features that aim to ensure improved group management and are including a tool to prevent the group creator from being deleted from the group by the other administrators. The group admins will also be able to decide if the other members of the group will be able to make changes to the subject of the group, its description, or its icon.

As per the tweet, WhatsApp is also testing the Delete for Everyone feature. “The server finally works and it successfully recalls the message. It will be remotely enabled later and seen that WhatsApp ‘enabled’ their servers for the Delete for Everyone feature, it may really be enabled soon,” the tweet said. You can make use of Android tablets that you have bought from wholesale tablet dealers to test the latest features of WhatsApp.

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