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How to add some android features in your Chromebook?

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What is the Chromebook?

The Chromebook is a gadget of the google that runs on the Chrome operating system. It is like a laptop or tablet. There are Linux apps as well; some of the Chromebooks use the Linux apps to function efficiently. The Chromebook is just like the best tablet buy, but still, it is different in the sense of the operating system. 

How to connect the android smartphone to the Chromebook?

In order to get the android apps, you need to connect the android phone firstly with your Chromebook. Following are the steps to make gadgets connected together:

Switch on your Chromebook, connect the smartphone with it. You will get the request of accepting the android gadget. Accept it and continue further. After taping “done”, a notification will pop up on your Chromebook which shows the activation of the smart lock. 

You need an internet connection to do research and work on the best tablet buy. Similarly, the internet is required to make the above-mentioned changes. Tap on the “settings” and go to “connected devices”. Your Android smartphone name will appear then, and it will demand the password. Enter the password and move further. Again, a notification will appear but this time on your smartphone. After enabling the Chromebook, you can download any android app on the Chromebook. 

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The android apps:

Android apps are the most popular and most widely used apps worldwide. The android apps help in most of the working of the gadgets and to get the benefit of the gadgets fully. It is really easy to install android apps on the best tablet buy. But there are questions that can you download the android apps on the Chromebook? If yes, then how you can do that? It is really simple to do this by downloading from the google play store. Sometimes, you cannot download d android apps on the Chromebook, and then consult the administrator or gadget making company. 

How to install android apps on the Chromebook?

The installing of the google android apps is very convenient on the best tablet to buy. There is a way, too, that is made to install android apps on the Chromebook as well. Install the google play store app on the Chromebook. Then go on the settings section and turn on the “install apps and games from google play on your Chromebook”.

Normally, the few android apps are downloaded automatically. But in the Chromebook, you have to download every android app on your own. There are few android apps that would not show compatibility with the Chromebook. If you want to use the gadgets and the android apps with different user ID, then remove the previous ones and make a new one.

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