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How to Connect a Tablet to a Computer?

Tablet and a Computer

Nowadays, you can easily connect a tablet to a computer. Here are some options to connect both devices.

Use a USB Cable

With the use of a charging cable (available with tablets), you can connect the tablet to a computer. You will see a notification about their connection. If a tablet is possible with software and drivers, install them before doing other tasks. Make sure to avoid special drivers to connect with android.

  • Once connection, click on the notification tablet. Some connections will appear on your tablet. Click on “Media Device” to transfer files between tablet and computer. Press Win + E on a computer. It opens a file explorer.
  • Tap on “This PC” in a left column. You will see a list of devices connected to a computer. These will appear on the main panel.
  • Double-tap a slate to see files on the tablet. It will help you to drag files to tablet and get more from tablet for another device.

Tablet and a Computer

Connect a Mac and Android Tablet

Install an android file transfer on Mac. There are numerous free applications to browse and transfer files. Download a file transfer and install it on your tablet. Open androidfiletransfer.dmg and drag file transfer to your app folder. You have to follow the on-screen prompt to complete the installation procedure. 

  • After installing, you will need a USB cable to connect a tablet to your computer. A charging cable may help you to connect two devices.
  • Now open file transfer on Mac. You will find it in an applications folder. Tap notifications on your slate and see numerous connection options.
  • Tap “Media Device” to permit file transfer between tablet and computer. 

Connect Tablet and Computer over Wi-Fi

Install “SHAREit” on your computer. With this free app, you can connect android devices to a computer over your wireless connection. Download and install this app after following on-screen instructions:

  • Open your Play Store on tablet. You may find it in an app drawer.
  • In the search bar, you will type Shareit and see the results.
  • Click “Shareit – Transfer & Share”. This app will contain three dots and curved lines with a blue icon.
  • Tap “Install” and install this app on android.
  • Open this app on your computer and check the start menu in your Windows. You can see the application folder of your tablet.

If you are unable to find this app on the menu, check an app drawer. Open this app on your tablet and connect with a computer. You can see the options at the top of the screen. After connecting it with PC, you will be able to use SHAREit to transfer files, videos and other things.

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