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Your Guide to Using Google Translate App like a Pro

Google Translate App

Well now today after the request of our many readers we have decided to talk about the Google translate app and where can you use it and how you can use it like a pro. So let us get started with today’s article so that you can get command over every language in the world when you get to the end of the article. Make sure you read the article till the end for complete details.

Why do we need the Google translator application?

As the name explains to us the Google translator application is for the purpose of getting translations of other foreign languages in your native language. Well you need this application these days on your phone, and you don’t only need it, but you need to learn how to use it. 

Today foreign travelling and teaching, studying and stuff like that has become very much easy and common due to launch of new technology and departments around the world. But the biggest problem is the language barrier that one faces in a foreign country. To overcome this problem and to give this issue a proper solution the management team of Google decided to launch an application that solely serves the purpose of translating a foreign language into the native selected language. 

This application was launched a couple of years ago, and now its latest version is available on the play store, and it is completely for free. So if you are planning a trip or someone’s visiting you from abroad then it is best that you keep the application handy and in use.

Google Translate App

How can we use the translator app?

You can’t learn foreign languages every other day so let’s just focus on that part for now! When you download the application you have to put your native language first. There is no compulsion of putting your native language you can also put any language that you understand and can communicate in easily. After you have done this you are ready to use the application.

When you meet a person with a different foreign language, then you can have a conversation through your mobile phone. This will also work for him as he doesn’t know your language as well. The application when opened has a mike button which you can use to collect the audio. 

When the other person speaks move your phone mike towards him and let the message be recorded through the app, you also have to put the language option in the application so that Google knows what language is coming its way. the app will understand the message and change it to your set language and then play it to you. You can communicate with the other person in the same manner.

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