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Red quits from selling smartphones

selling smartphones

Red is a high-end cinema camera company. They teased the world in 2017 with their first smartphone. The hydrogen one by Red was a huge phone with a $1,300 slab. It features titanium or aluminum body and ribbed hand grips on sides. Moreover, a modular system and a 3D holographic display were complementing the phone. 

They promised a camera module on the smartphone. As per claims, the smartphone would smash the mold of traditional thinking. Red was calling it a holographic media machine in a pocket. These were false claims by Red. 

Release of Zero Camera and Single Phone Module

They released a zero camera and single phone module. Smartphone division of Red is entirely dead now. The Jim Jannard, found of company, has announced the death the hydrogen project. 

The Hydrogen phone was a string of embarrassment and broken promises for Red. Company breaks its first promise by not releasing on the original data. Red introduced a phone with an old Snapdragon 835. Remember, other companies were using a better 845. 

The holographic display was terrible and blurry. There was nothing as per the promise of Red. Unfortunately, the camera technology was not available. Red even missed this feature on their phone. Hydrogen One was launched with one off-the-shelf camera component. The camera features middling performance. Red promised purchasers for fabulous features in $1,300 smartphone.

selling smartphones

Instead of a cinema-grade camera module, add-ons storage and power packs, the company offers completely different features. Jannard made a disappointing announcement about the death of the module program. He started teasing that a second smartphone, the Hydrogen 2 that may never see the light now.

As per Jannard, the failure of Hydrogen One is all because of Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) in China. They selected China ODM for their Hydrogen One at Foxconn. The Foxconn was fantastic, and ODM that was responsible for the packaging of design along with new technologies, software integration and Qualcomm processor has under-performed. It was challenging to fix all these issues; therefore, they quit this project. 

Jannard created hype about Hydrogen Two in July. He claimed that a new partner is pitching technology of the devices to sort issues of the first smartphone of RED. He claimed that they understand the fraction of Hydrogen One. At the same time, they promise preferential treatment in pricing and delivery allocation for a new phone. 

It will be interesting to see that after the death of Hydrogen Two, how Red will apologize to the customers of Hydrogen One.

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