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Five Best Internet Radio Apps for your iPad

Online radio is the best way to listen to a variety of content ranging from music, podcasts, and popular talk shows. There are many such online radio services operating in the internet that you can listen to right on your iPad. These services have their own apps, which you can download from the App Store to listen to your favorite stations. In addition, you can also customize the radio to make it stream music of your interests. Below is a list of the five best internet radio apps for your iPad.

Beats 1

As an iPad user, you need to surely check into the Beats 1 radio app. Integrated with Apple Music, this service lets you browse and listen to the countless amounts of songs and podcasts. It consists of internet radio services from many countries around the world and its simple user interface offers you a good music streaming experience. By installing this app, you can access contents from both Apple Music and Beats 1 radio to stream your favorite tracks, TV shows, movies, etc.

TuneIn Radio

With an amazing collection of about 100,000 stations, TuneIn Radio is one of the best radio apps that you can install on your iPad. You can access many live radio stations from different countries using this app. It can deliver the content and genre you prefer listening such as news, music or talk radio. Moreover, TuneIn Radio also consists of a huge collection of over 60,000 audiobooks that you can access and listen to at any time.

myTuner Radio

If you prefer to listen to radio channels then the myTuner Radio app is the ideal one for you. It consists of an incredible collection of about 40,000 radio stations from around 20 countries. With myTuner Radio, you can selectively listen to any radio station that focuses on specific genres like news, sports, music, and entertainment. Besides, you can also create your favorite playlist using this app and include your preferred stations.

Slacker Radio

One of the top internet radio apps, Slacker Radio will provide access to music collected specifically for your interests. You can also easily customize the app for listening to music from different genres. Slacker Radio has an excellent collection of about a hundred interactive radio stations. You can access many of the on-demand songs and has an offline playback feature that lets you enjoy the songs without internet connectivity.

Audials Radio

If you are devoted to music then the Audials Radio app is the one for your iPad. With over 80,000 radio stations, this radio app allows you to listen to music from a variety of genres including audio and video podcasts. It features a car mode that will help you to stream the music from your iPad into the audio system of your car for an uninterrupted music playback experience.

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