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How to Bookmark an Apple Safari Webpage on an iPad Tablet

IPad Tablet

Bookmarking In Apple Safari

Browsing on the iOS device is fun. If you have an iPad tablet, you may use the Safari browser to browse the web, visit websites, and bookmark web pages.

The process of bookmarking a web page on Apple Safari will let you browse the page when you want. Below is how to bookmark an Apple Safari webpage on an iPad tablet. Apple features the Safari Web Browser in most versions of iOS, so you can try the below method to bookmark webpage on a refurbished iPad or a new one.

To bookmark a webpage in Safari, open the app from the iPad’s home screen. When Safari launches, tap on the search box of the browser and enter the URL of the webpage you want to bookmark. If any URL exists already, then tap on the circled X symbol in the search box to clear the same.

Once the page loads up on your iPad, choose Apple Safari’s Share icon denoted by a square containing an up arrow. The Share icon resides in the browser’s toolbar, adjacent to the field containing the URL. Tap on that and choose Add Bookmark option from the pop-up field, which opens subsequently on the iPad.

To edit the bookmark title alongside its favicon, tap on the circled X in the title field and delete the main title of the webpage; you can then key in a title you want for the bookmark. In fact, you can also edit the location where you want to store the bookmark.

The Favorites folder is the default saving location of bookmarks. You can select an alternate folder to Favorites folder to save bookmarks on Apple Safari by tapping on Favorites in the new field. When you choose a different location, tap on Save to save the bookmark on the browser and then iOS will take you back to the main window of Apple Safari.

If you choose Add to the Home Screen instead of choosing the Add Bookmark option from the Shared icon, then Apple Safari will place an icon on the home page of your refurbished iPad, which you can use as a shortcut to surf the webpage. Unlike bookmarking on Apple Safari, the option to Add to the Home Screen will let you access the Safari webpage quickly on an iPad tablet.

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