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Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Common Issues in your iPad

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Fix IPad Common Issues

iPad is a very popular device among the Americans, though, like any other electronic device, iPads can also run into issues. However, when you experience any issues with your iPad, you need not run to the nearest Apple store to get it fixed. In fact, many of the common issues in iPads can be fixed by following the basic troubleshooting steps that are discussed below.

iPads keep apps running even after closing them. This can lead to issues at times such as battery drain and memory consumption. If you find issues with an app, the first thing that you need to do is close the app and then re-launch it.

To close the app completely, you need to press the Home button twice in a row. Doing this will display a list of all the recently opened apps. Now press and hold down your finger on the icon of the app that is causing the issue or misbehaving.

You will notice that the icon begins to shake and a circle with a minus sign will appear on upper left corner of the app. You can press on the minus sign to close the app completely and clear it from the memory of the Apple tablet.

Reboot the iPad when in Doubt

Rebooting the device is the oldest, yet a very useful troubleshooting tip. System reboot is a troubleshooting step that works with desktop computers, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and almost any electronic device. If you find that closing the app does not fix the issue with the app, you can try rebooting the device. Rebooting the iPad will clear out the available memory in the device and will offer a fresh start to it.

To reboot the iPad, you need to hold down the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the device until you see a slider on the screen. The slider will let you power off the device. After the device is turned off completely, you can press the Sleep/Wake button again to turn on the device as usual.

Constantly Freezing Apps

If the bugs in programming or some other corruptions are making the app to misbehave, there is no cure other than uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Once you have downloaded an app, you will be able to download the app from the App Store again to install it on your device. This is applicable for the paid apps also.

You can safely delete an app from your iPad and download it again. There is even a tab in the app store, which offers the details of all your app purchases. You can make use of this tab to locate the app that you are looking to download.

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